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December 15th, 2006

No More Sykes!!!!!! @ 10:57 pm

Well, I put in my 2 weeks notice at Sykes yesterday! Thank God!!!! Starting sometime next week I will be working with a friend of mine, making damn good money! Im super excited about it..

but I thought I would let ya'll know whats goin on in my life!!

December 1st, 2006

(no subject) @ 07:49 am

just thought that id let everyone know im still around.. still doin good..
if you wanna keep up w/ me.. myspace is the place where you will find me!


November 23rd, 2006

(no subject) @ 08:17 am

Current Music: Mad World - Gary Jules

Yall wanna hear some funny shit?

Okay.. so remember back in like 5-10th grade when we all used to start shit on this ole livejournal thing and post those mean anonymous comments? well.. damn, i got one today!

haha.. for real..
i made enemies and didnt even know it! =) haha.. just thought i'd give you all the laugh of the day!


i swear.. ive got some bad mood swings ive been excessively happy one day.. and uber depressed the next. im gonna blame it on pms.. yep.. that sounds about right..
ive made so many new friends at work.. well, we are the sykes crew.. and we rock! =) haha i seriously like my job now. i probably wouldn't quit given the chance. Crazy huh?

But I gotta get some sleep.. gotta go to all kinds of places tomorrow. well.. really only 2.. duncan gap & abingdon... and hopefully big stone! =) wooo..


October 12th, 2006

by the grace of GOD @ 07:15 am

i got in one of my "moods" tonight after work.. and just wanted to go driving. when i get in those moods i end up in kingsport or johnson city.. never fails.
well.. i had decided to go to their walmart to look at the halloween stuff.. and right before i got into gate city i got this feeling like i really wanted to go home... it was a nagging feeling that wouldn't go away... so i made a big ole U turn and started home. i hadn't been going back home for more than 5 minutes when this 18 wheeler truck started flashing his lights at me. struck me as kinda odd because i'd never seen a big truck do that. so thinking it was just a cop radaring i slowed down to 55 and kept on going. about 15 seconds later i see headlights coming right for me. a drunk driver on my side of the road just flying. swerving. you name it. needless to say i was scared to death. praying harder than ive ever prayed in my life. all i could do was thank GOD for that trucker. without him warning me what was ahead, i may not be here tonight. GOD works miracles. its not in the cards for me to be gone right now i dont believe. if it had been, then i wouldn't be here right now.
and another little miracle.. as most of you know, in duffield you dont get cell phone reception if alltel is your provider. right then. i got signal. in the middle of a dead spot. it lasted long enough for me to dial 911 and let the police know. i know that was GOD working to save others.

I am a changed person. It was a life altering experience for me. I was thinking of getting my tattoo on my wrist covered up. The one that means "Jesus Christ Gods Son Savior".. i was talking about it earlier with a co-worker.. and he told me i shouldn't.... because of what that would represent. I stated "i wasn't feeling religious anymore".... yet another sign from GOD telling me to represent him in this walk of life... and as of right here, right now. I am.

I will never be the same person. It opened my eyes to how quickly this life that i hold so dearly could be gone. and if i go, i want to know that I will be in the arms of my Lord.

All i can do is keeping thanking him.
Just wanted to share this with all of you, maybe it too will open eyes.
its sad that it takes literally seeing your whole life flash before your eyes.. in this case.. in the headlights of a drunken man.. to make you realize that you need GOD to make it through.... really quite sad...

September 16th, 2006

(no subject) @ 02:11 am

well.. i decided.. maybe one more entry.. =) haha

soooo... for the past few weeks ive been trying to decide if i wanted to move out.. or get a new car...
well... i decided not to do either of them.
instead, im for real going through w/ breast implants & liposuction! =) im super excited, really very scared. but thats okay with me! part of the thrill i suppose.

however, due to a current situation, i may be movin out with brittany? i dont really know yet. i would like to move out. but i sure do like livin at home!.. its free!
so i guess i have alot of thinking to do.

on the bright side, i have an actual date next weekend. crazy right? i haven't been on a date w/ anyone since david...
i have mixed feelings about it. but what harm can dinner and a movie do. at the very least, i'll have a new friend.

i also got a new tattoo.. its on my wrist. its the christian fish with the letters "IXOYE" in it.. that stands for "Jesus Christ, God's, Son, Savior".. and below it says "Gal 6:17" and that verse means "Henceforth, no man shall trouble me, fore i have the mark of my Lord".. its done in pink & purple UV ink.. so you can see it, its just not as prominent as what most ink would me. i also got the Monroe piercing, which i love! =) some say im going wild.. i say.. they are probably right....

Nicole had her baby yesterday!!!! her name is Aubrie McKenna.
they induced her labor tuesday (9/12/06) around 7 and she had her thursday (9/14/06) at 5:57pm... i stayed over there most of that time... i left both wednesday and thursday morning to take a shower. but i stayed the majority of the time.
she weighed 6lbs & 13oz. and was 19in long! the most beautiful baby girl the world has ever seen! =) head full of hair, kind of a sandy blonde color and her eyes are a grayish blue.. shes beautiful to say the least! Aaron, Nicole, and Aubrie are all doing wonderfully!!

i think at the end of this month me, renea, britt, michelle, and a couple other people are going to gatlinburg, renting a cabin for a couple nights.. it should be fun! hope i have the money for this!

im also seriously going back to school next semester which could be a bad idea considering that im going to be havin surgery next year to make me pretty.. i guess i could schedule it during the summer break... but anyway.. im either going to uva wise or mecc. if i go to mecc im going to major in nursing.. being w/ nicole in the hospital the last 4 days has made me want to be one.. mainly just in the OB dept. though.. dont think i'd like being anywhere else.
and if i go to uva wise (which i'd really like to do) i will major in education and be an elemtary school teacher. preferrably kindergarden - 2nd grade... haha.. how would you all like me to teach your children! =) haha oh welll.. with teaching i would basically have a set schedule with nights/weekends/summers off.. and with nursing i would just make more money.. be on call all the time and never have any free time.. but i'd have moneys! any sugestions here?

oh yes, and im cutting out ALOT of the people on my friends list. most people on my list i dont even know anymore. i can think of 3 or 4 people that actually update it (im a good one to talk right?) but.. if you want to stay, comment. there are some of you that you should know right off hand there is no way i would delete you.. but comment anyway....

but its now 2:30am and i have to be at work in 12 hours... thanks to todd.. so time for me to get off here and get some much needed sleep. haven't done that in a while..
im out.. see ya'll

August 26th, 2006

(no subject) @ 06:58 am

there is a good chance im actually done with lj.. least for a while.. its starting to get on my nerves.. after like 6 years of having it... just seems like it should get on my nerves. ahh well...

ill prolly be back sooner or later...

August 8th, 2006

im still here @ 03:55 am

just thought i'd let you know that, yes, i am still alive..
still kickin..
still working too much and living too little! =)

love you guys!

July 26th, 2006

* ROOMMATE NEEDED @ 03:51 am

hey guys...

well, as the title says.. I NEED A ROOMMATE! =)

its a 2br/2bth (full bath) trailer in Wise! .. really nice. new everything!
if you are at all interested, leave me a comment on here, or call me.. 276-275-8513...

i work nights so it is best to call in the morning. however, if i dont answer, leave me a voicemail and i'll call you back and fill you in on all the details when i get the chance. details such as rent & some rules do apply. i dont want a freeloader who thinks they are gonna get a house for free and thinks im gonna pay their bills, cook and clean for them all the time. not going to happen.
to all college students if you, or someone you know doesn't live around here and they plan on going UVA Wise and need a place to stay, let them know, its a pretty damn good deal if you ask me! =)

=) look forward to hearing from you!!!!

July 19th, 2006

wooo hoooo @ 10:51 am

well i officially have my trailer.. i go friday to pay him the security deposit! =) im excited!

July 17th, 2006

im gonna bitch @ 03:10 pm

shew.. well not really gonna bitch about too much...
but i do have a small complaint..

yesterday my granpa got really sick. he passed out & they called an ambulence to come get him.. yes, it's bad.. i love my pa more than i could ever express.. i love my granny & all the rest of the family as well.... but they NEVER call us.. EVERYONE knew.. family in different states knew.. but did his own son find out? NO. they never call us for anything. we are the last to know everything. my dad still doesn't know because when mom found out, he was already at work. and it pisses me off. it hurts my dad that no one ever calls him. they dont seem to care about me too much, so im gonna end up saying something to someone. fuck it. my granny & pa love me.. and so does my aunt... and a couple cousins.. but out of them all, i think thats about it. so my mouth isn't going to be shut for too much longer. it pisses me off more than you know. i have been walked all over since last august, and ill be DAMNED if i let anyone else do it to me or anyone i care about. fuck making friends, im about to be a bitch.

---------------moving on to something not as hostile------------------
my landlord called me! =) WOOO HOOO! i have to go meet him wednesday morning to discuss all the rest of the plans... =) im so excited! nick, im going to be your neighbor.. kinda.. =)
ive also been calling around to places to see how much hookup fees are.. im going to be BROKE.
turning on cable... $29.95... turning on electricity $115.. the water is already turned on.. =) gotta love that man.. and activating the internet is either going to be free if i get cable internet.. (but it will end up being about $90/month)... OR i could get dry loop dsl through verizon (doesn't require phone service) and it will be $35.95 a month.. actually ends up being the same b/c im not going to have a home phone.. i dont think.. unless i just get basic phone service for as cheap as i can get it. i also need to get other things for the house.. including, microwave, toaster, curtains, blinds, washer & dryer, couch, chair, tv, lamps, tables, dishes.. & much more.. =/ not excited about that..

oh well i gotta go get ready & go pay my cell phone bill.. wooopie..=/

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